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Is there any secure and simple email service ?

by  Dennis van Zuijlekom

Few years ago I started use Hushmail email account instead of Gmail account.
This decision was based on concerns about tracking, profiling and all possible usage of big data by corporations like Google or Microsoft.
Even proven informations about compromising of Hushmail didn’t forced me to look for alternatives.
But Snownden leaks did as non […]

BackBone models inheritance tips


I’m continuing work on a client-server (Marionette + Backbone / .Net Web API) web application and I still stumbling across new problems on an edge of that two technologies.
Today I want to share with two tips, when working with abstract models.
As I wrote in one of previous posts, we can create abstract models in […]



When I started to write me first application using Backbone (and Intel App Framework earlier too), I thought that it will be quite simple to create well structured program.
Primarily, I had comprehensive experience with MVC pattern (ASP MVC, Zend Framework) and decent number of object-oriented JavaScript libraries and scripts.
Moreover, before start I had […]

Learnwords 0.5 released


Today, I have released next beta version of Learn words application.
In version 0.5 I have added simple quizzes to check user vocabulary in given category and few simple tweaks (in UI and backend).
Android version is available (as usual) in  Aptoide Android Store or can be downloaded directly from Adobe® PhoneGap™ Build.
At this […]


Simple data binding in Marionette with Backbone.ModelBinder


When I was writing my first Backbone app, I noticed that handling HTML forms is quite cumbersome and require more coding than I expected.
Rewrite data from input fields to model, handle validation and saving, produces a dozen lines of boilerplate code, if done manually.
After reconsidering possible solutions, I have decided that using data […]

Backbone – parse JSON tree into relational models – part 2


In last post about relational data structures in backbone we have covered mapping of simple JSON data tree into corresponding related models.
In straightforward example we saw how to include additional entity in REST server reply (using EF) and parse it.
But in real life data structures are usually more complex and  sometimes JavaScript code […]

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